Welcome to a Sustainable Future of Networking with Zehn.me

Welcome to the future of business networking! Zehn.me, powered by Zehntech, is here to change the way you think about business cards. In an era where digitalization is everywhere, what better way to exchange your business card than with our innovative NFC enable digital business cards? Join us on this journey to make professional networking smarter, simpler, and more sustainable.

How To Activate Your Zehn.me Card

Scan the QR Code

Your new Zehn.me card comes with a QR code. Scan it to be directed to the activation URL.

Enter Few Details

The activation page will prompt you to fill in your name, email ID, and a password.

Activate & Personalize
Once activated, you can log into your Zehn.me account to personalize your digital business card. Add extra details like a profile picture, your company name, job title, and more!
Share with Ease
Ready to network? Simply tap your zehn.me card on an NFC-enabled phone or allow the recipient to scan your card’s QR code. Your full digital profile will be displayed, ready to be saved by your new contact.

Why Choose zehn.me?

Effortless Sharing

Share your contact information just by tapping your digital card on a smartphone. No app required!

Real-time Updates

Make changes to your card and it updates automatically for everyone who has it.


Say goodbye to paper waste. Our digital cards are an eco-conscious alternative that leave zero carbon footprint.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Our cards are universally compatible, whether you are using Android or iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply tap your Zehn.me card on the recipient enabled smartphone to share your contact details.

No, our cards are designed to be universally compatible and do not require any app.

By replacing traditional paper cards, Zehn.me cards cut down on paper waste and the energy used in printing and distribution.

Yes, any changes made to your digital card will be updated instantly for everyone who has your card.

Yes, our digital cards are designed to work seamlessly across iOS and Android devices.

Each Zehn.me card has a unique QR code as an alternative to NFC, making it versatile and accessible for everyone.

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